Your Moment Is Now : Memoirs of God’s Love

Faith is not always easy. Sometimes it takes more energy and strength to have faith than to not have any at all. Faith can be a burden when it gets in the way of our personal desires or when we must wait for an answer. Ultimately, faith is believing in the kingdom of God and his governmental rule over the earth’s cursed system. When we have faith in God’s kingdom principles, life becomes manageable and sustainable. In fact, when we “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all these things are added unto [us]” (Matthew 6:33 NIV). Is it easy? Not always. This is when our faith kicks in—or grows. Clinging to God’s promises is important every day.
Faith is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirt. Sometimes when traumatic things happen in our lives, it is the impartation of faith by the Holy Spirit that helps us get through the day, week, or month. We know at some level it is not us. Sometimes, we admit when it’s God’s intervention that got us through, gave us strength, or miraculously did something in the natural realm that changed our life. When hundreds of people are praying for us, we feel the presence and peace of God. It’s incredible and, sometimes, indescribable.
Some people don’t like to go to that place in their thinking. In fact, faith is a scary place for many people. It just doesn’t make sense. Some say, “Faith is a relationship with Jesus.” Others say, “What does that mean?”